Tax as a Reward (TaaR) Revolution in DeFi

RewardTax ($REWARD) is the world’s first multi-chain deflationary token using Tax as a Reward (TaaR) mechanism to reward its long term holders.


WHAT IS RewardTax?

RewardTax's mission is to empower retail investors by rewarding them for long term holding and to provide them with access to financial products that are secure, transparent, and open to anyone. The protocol aims to create a more accessible, efficient, and equitable financial system in the blockchain industry. Using its 2% buy tax to split in two parts - 1% converted in BUSD and distributed to $REWARD holders, 1% to provide strategic price support at different price points in order to stabilize $REWARD price in the long term. A buyer gets 2X of the tax i.e., 4% $REWARD tokens as a buying reward! So, buy more to get more and to earn MORE!



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RSWAP (short form of Reward Swap) is a decentralized exchange that utilizes Pancakeswap liquidities and its own pools for trading. It is capable of making swaps and creating liquidity pools through PancakeSwap. In the future, RSWAP will also introduce its own liquidity offerings to projects to generate more revenue for $REWARD holders.

User Friendly & Fully decentralised

RSWAP provides the best-in-class UI for better trader experience and it is fully decentralized, thus making it safe and secure trading environment

Trade Farming Revenue

All trades on RSWAP would attract 0.25% in fee and the fee will be distributed among $REWARD holders based on their holdings

Liquidity Aggregator

RSWAP will aggregate liquidity from various protocols to give our users the best pricing and deep liquidity.

Cross-chain Asset Management RBRIDGE

Cross-chain is the future and we’re prepared for it. Thus, we're super excited to have RBRIDGE as another product in our portfolio. Using RBRIDGE, investors can move various assets between blockchains. This would enhance user experience while generating more fees for the RewardTax platform.

Staking & Farming RFARM

We strongly encourage $REWARD holders to take advantage of the platform's staking and farming features and benefit from variable APY. The initial APY will be higher due to a low number of staked tokens, but as more people stake their tokens, it may decrease. Therefore, those who stake their tokens first will likely have a higher APY than later investors. The RewardTax platform has implemented a strategy to reward long-term stakers.

Buy, Sell, & Rent NFTs RMPLACE

RMPLACE (short form of REWARD NFT Marketplace) to enable investors buy, sell and rent their revenue-linked NFTs to maximise their earnings. Users will be able to buy and sell their NFTs including $REWARD NFTs, project mystery boxes, and accessories etc. with/from other users. Only $REWARD NFTs will have a revenue-sharing feature. So, in future, users will be able to rent their revenue-sharing NFTs to other users using the marketplace.

Partners & Media

The Roadmap


Randy Rowdy - CEO

Jon Grace - CMO

David Marc - Dev

Katy Chan - PR

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RewardTax is a multi-chain deflationary token that aims to empower retail investors by rewarding them for long-term holding

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Join Us To Revolutionize DeFi Using Tax as a Reward (TaaR) Mechanism

Reward Tax's mission is to empower retail investors by rewarding them for long term holding and to provide them with access to financial products that are secure, transparent, and open to anyone.

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